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Adrian Assessment 4

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essay #5 Argumentative



Adrian Tremble





__Gay marriage__

For all of you who don’t know, gay marriage is on legal in 1 state which is Massachusetts, there has been a controversial discussion weather or weather not gay marriage should be legalized because some feel love comes in all shapes, colors, and sizes and why not sex and its their choice who they love and who they want to marry in the U.S. some say it should be legalized and some say it shouldn’t.. I think that gay marriage shouldn’t be legalized. I feel that God has plans for marriage and I don’t think the plans should be (“12 reasons Gator-Straight Alliance” 1) interfered with. There are a lot of questions to be asked about this topic "If God intended for same-sex couples to be legally married don’t you think he would have did so"? "Marriage is a sacred event tat is meant to be shared between a man and a woman". Some people say that marriage is a basic human right and a single person’s decision. But there are many who think it shouldn’t matter if their same sex but marriage should be based on true love. Gods plan doesn’t consist of same sex marriage. (“Homosexual SAME-SEX)MARRIAGES”2) Allowing same-sex marriages would open the door for all sorts of things that could be going against what God wanted.

My second reason why Gay marriage shouldn’t be legalized is because it is not in the best interest for children. What kind of example would the US is trying to set for children by legalizing this. Children already have enough problems growing up and having gay parents who are married could cause torment for the child and this could hurt his or her social life and cause a rip in his or her development. There could be more and more confused children not knowing what a god intended for people as far as sexuality. A lot of people are probably thinking about what will happen to marriage itself if this is legalized some people think it could mean the end of a tradition people long to experience meaning people wouldn’t take weddings as serious. Will this promote homosexuality towards the future kids? Although love comes in all different shapes and sizes the child wouldn’t get loved any differently just because of the sex difference. The child could live a normal life and just because his parents are gay doesn’t mean that he would be gay.

My last reason why gay marriage shouldn’t not be legalized is because marriage is a sacred event that has a long history and it has established a meaning of a man an a woman. Legalizing Gay marriage creates and open doors for people to do such things as marry their pets. Something’s should just not be changed and I feel Gay marriage is one thing that shouldn’t be allowed. If gay marriage was to be legalized what would become of marriage itself and every thing it has meant for all these years. I have no problem with Gays but a marriage is a sacred ceremony that god wanted male and female to enjoy not same-sex couples. Many say that marriage would become tarnished if Gay’s were allowed the right to marry because of the fact that it has been a set tradition for men and women for all these years. Gay marriage is only legal in one state which is Massachusetts and that should be the only place for opposite-sex marriage.

Personal reflection

For my assessment #4 I used essay #5 which is an argumentative essay that I chose the topic of gay marriage in the U.S.and I wrote whether or not gay marriage should be legalized in the United States. This was a hard paper for me to write about because I wrote against it just becasue there would be more info to find and more to write about. But then it was hard to write because I wasnt really was not against it so I had to really think of arguments that I would have if i were against Gay marriage in the U.S. this papper is good for assessment #4 because i did my research and i got quotes in my paper from the articles that go along with my topic it is not as detailed and organized as I would like it to be. I picked gay marriage because its a topic I never knew much about and this gave me a reason to do research and learn something knew about whats going on and has been going on for many years in the world.

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