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Essay #2

I have decided to write about the gender Inequities between boys and girls and the differential in the cost of insurance. Who ever would have thought that just because of your gender that you would almost half to pay 30% to 40% more for auto insurance isnt this crazy? if its one thing that shouldn’t cost a lot its auto insurance, I recently purchased auto insurance and I called many companies to get a auto quote and the average price for a 18 year-old male is $220.00 to $300.00 for liability and $300.00 to $500.00 for full coverage what? I know what your thinking but its true my current insurance is $220.00 per month for liability. It is a sad day when a guy gets excited over finding car insurance for $220.00 per month. When I had full coverage auto insurance with Geico I paid 358.00 per month and that was the cheapest for the car that I had. When I called for a quote I asked why insurance for males where so high he said it was because we are 18 and we are most likely to have an accident. Is that really a good excuse?

Now as far as females go they really don’t have to worry considering there insurance doesn’t even reach the $200.00 plateau for full coverage. So what are they trying to say, girls are not as acceptable to having an accident then Males are? I’ve been on the road in a car with a lot of my female friends in my life and wow, I can’t believe that females dont have more accidents than males, no offence ladies. The price of insurance should only be determined by the mistakes you make individually like getting into an accident,or obtaining a speeding ticket. Every individual should be rewarded and penalized by the way they perform on the road individually we shouldn’t just be thrown into a category of bad and good drivers based on our sex. I asked about 15 females the price of their insurance and I found the average price was $100.00 to $165.00 and that’s with some of them having accidents on there record that’s almost 50% difference.

But really I am not trying to just talk about the fact that boys pay more for insurance than girls I’m trying to show some of the unfairness that goes on in the world, I feel that this is a way for companies to make a little extra change on the side. They don’t care that some people half to work twice as hard and long to pay for $400.00 insurance than if they would have had insurance for $150.00 this could make the difference between working a second job or having to take the bus because $400.00 is just out of their budget and it want allow them to budget for a vehicle, I heard of this happening time and time again. Having to worry about getting a car just because the auto insurance is to high is just ridiculous. Males deserve the opportunity to have affordable insurance just as much as females do; males eat, drink, pee, work, and raise families just like women do. Maybe its just me but do you think its fare for a male who had no accidents or tickets and has a perfect record to lose up to $300.00 more a month than a female that has been in a auto accident and has a couple of tickets? Well I don’t we should have the chance to have affordable insurance the fact that we don’t have that chance is the part that makes me mad and I hope sooner or later this injustice gets fixed.

Personal Reflection

writing this papper was fun becasue its a subject that makes mr frusrated every time I hear about it which is automobile insurance. I enjoyed doing the research for this assignment because i got a better understanding why it was this way. when I had my paper peer edited I had a lot of spelling errors and I had my papper formatted wrong.


I am 18 years old and this is my second semester in college! I graduated from Tolleson High school in 2005 and I played basketball all four years.

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