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Welcome to Diana's Writing Portfolio Wiki!


Assesment #6

Diana's Personal Reflection

Graduating from high school and deciding to attend college right away seemed difficult but I didn’t realize that English 101 was going to be so challenging. It was difficult for me because I had a lot going on, being a freshman in college and having classes for the first time seemed hard to really satisfy myself and the professor in the work I did. What was amusing was that I kept pushing myself to be able to finish the work, and other students were giving up. As I saw that the semester was almost over I look around and noticed that the class was getting smaller. All I know is that I am very pleased that I did my work and I didn’t giving up.


The essays that we wrote were somewhat challenging, but they were essays that we were challenge with for own good and to be useful in the future.


Now that I have done the essays, I am able to define the meaning of each one. An analysis essay is when you have read something and you are to identify what the author or the writer is trying to explain. The structure of the paper needs to be analyzed. The author is the most important thing in this essay.


In a definition essay you are to define the topic and explained why this topic is different from the others. In demonstrating the information I discovered that I was able to show what an essay definition was all about.


In the argumentative essay you are to first define the issue, and then you are to agree or disagree with the issue. After that, you are to identify arguments to support your opinion about it, so people could understand your main purpose of the essay.


The comparing and contrast essay is the essays were you are to demonstrate two similar subjects and demonstrate how they are different from one other. Through out the essay you are to give examples of what you discovered of how and why were they different.


Previously I have wrote what I have learned in the past semester in English 101, it was not all the bad to really be complaining about. Life just gives us challenges that we need to overcome someway even if it's so difficult to accomplish. At first I didn't like the whole thing about doing all of our assighments on the computer but towards the end I realized that I had fun and enjoyed doing work on computer's, and now I like english a little more. I really appreciate what I am taking from this course and what I have learned thanks to my peers that helped me and Ms.Cooper. Ms.Cooper is a great instructor for an english class, she might give alot homework but it is for your own good so we could prepare ourselves for the future. Now I know that I could become a better writer just by following the rules and steps we were shown by Ms. Cooper .






About Me

I am 18 years old and this is my first semester in college!!I graudated from high school in December and I decided to start college as soon as possible!! I am nervous and excited!! Good luck to others that are also starting college and have already started college!

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Diana's Assesments

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My Essays



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