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Learning Disabilities:

Aspergers Syndrome I

ADD ADHD I presented by Diana

Autism I presented by Ronnie

Dyslexia Hyperlexia I presented by Adrian

Mental Retardation I presented by Susie


Health Disabilities:

Amputation I presented by Maria

Degenerative Disease I

Hearing I presented by Lawrence

Visual I presented by Josue

Paralysis I presented by Michael

Speech Disorders I presented by Tina

Spina Befida I presented by Shawn

Spinal Cord Injury I presented by Ola

Brain Injury I presented by Gloria



You may have more than one person working on the same disability, so you must share the wiki space or work together. For the presentation I want for you to describe what life is like for those living with this disability. Don't just paste a bunch of boring facts about the disability. Make it interesting.

  • Put Your Names on the page to identify who you are
  • Provide links for resources.
  • Provide information and links for organizations who provide support for people with this disability.
  • The best site this time wins a PRIZE!!!


Wiki Presentation Due: Sunday, April 16th

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