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Josh Essay 3

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Essay #3


Have you ever had- a - trouble with your newly found relationship? Having trouble in a new relationship can be tough at first because of disagreements, spending too much time with them, and becoming financially broke.<--Unparallel structure


The first thing that was wrong with my relationship-,- was that we both weren’t agreeing on everything. We would always be arguing about where to go hang out, or where to spend the evening. Some times we would argue about what restaurant to go to, even though I would be the one paying for the meal usually!My response would be "well, if you want to argue about where we are going to go, than you pay for it", and she didn't like that I was getting a little tempered with her. One time we disagree on what restaurant to go to, and I said” fine, then we won’t go to any restaurant”. She just got this questioned look on her face like she was surprised that I said tyhat !


In addition, we spent so many days with each other, that she didn’t have much time for her family. We would spend almost every waking minute with each other during the summer. Now days she lives in Tucson, and she only comes down on the weekends; every other weekend. So even though I see her on the weekends, we still have our tough times! Her mom doesn’t help the situation either, by giving her a curfew on the weekends, even though she is 18; almost 19! Sometimes I feel like her parents hate me, because they said after graduation that she wouldn't have a curfew. I guess they just want her in at a decent time so that they could spend more time with her.


Finally, being a gentleman, and paying for everything when we were going out all the time, caused me to go broke. I was fine with paying for some of the dates, but it would be nice if once in a while she would pay for some of the date! We would go out all the time, and she would just expect me to pay for the entire night. For example, when we would go to the movies, 9I would sometimes wait for her to see if she was going to pay, but she wouldn’t. I got really upset with her over all this, and we had to talk. I told her that if it doesn't change than I won't be able to take her out anymore!


As you can see, in a relationship, there can be some major factors that can affect it in the beginning. The real challenge is to get through that phase, and see what the future has to hold, because once you do get past that part, it can be precious!

Comments (2)

Anonymous said

at 12:12 pm on Dec 5, 2006

You need to space in between the paragraphs so I can tell where one paragraph begins and ends. Also, you need more support in the body paragraphs give more details. Improve your motivator and clincher.

Anonymous said

at 12:26 pm on Dec 5, 2006

Unparallel structure in your blueprint. All items must be parallel.

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