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Lawrence Assessment 1

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What Kind of White Person Are You?


In this text about what kind of white person are you by Jeff Hitchcook. The article was posted in April of 1999. He informs readers in the term of age that would most likely be in their adulthood and they could either be female and male and are attending some kind of college or just enjoy the fact of reading. The position of power that they may have is depending on where they stand as an individual and the issues that are the beliefs and thought that many people may carry with them in their everyday lives. The values that target the reader in general are the concept that there are many possible ways to define racist. The range of position that the issue might target the reader that they may hold before reading the text is someone with a background of being prejudice of other colors in people.


The features in this text seem most crucial in understanding are that racism is and what the white folk define is that of “racist”, “colorblind” and “race savvy”. The claim is what kind of person you are in which that you have to live in society with all the diverse races that are out there and if you fit into any one of these categories of racism. The arrangement of argument in this text is that white people tend to think that they may be more superior to others. Another issue in this text is that if individuals are still being characterized themselves as being racist and this is intended mostly for those of the Caucasian race?


The author himself has to make decisions of how people when they read this text that they have to really think if this kind of things really do happen in society today. Some specific qualities that the author presents in order to build the credibility is that the difference in what he writes that directly grabs your attention with quotes. You may agree or disagree with the whole stereotype situation but it is for your own good that you be informed to find out the real truth of it all. The appeal of the authors’ character is that he has been labeled as either a “racist”, “colorblind” or “race savvy” and in having to express what he is feeling to get others to see themselves beyond their race.


In discern in which may arise to the target reader is that it involves all races not just the Caucasian people and if you fit into one of these categories personally. The limitation that may be imposed by the audience to the writer is that he the writer is Caucasian himself so how could he be describing something that he personally has had to deal with and that he cannot speak for the other races out there. It is his personal opinion on this matter. The social context of the text is that Caucasians do imply that they are above all other races due to their financial setting etc. But whether or not we are all humans these are some of the things that make society itself. The foundation of where it all began.


What may have prompted the writer to present this argument is that in society we have the upper class (rich), middle class (moderate) and the lower class of people (poverty). Being that the Caucasian are classified as superior to others they would most like fall under the upper class category and then anyone below them would fall beneath either into the middle class or lower class. The history of the work on this topic is that there are a lot of opinions that we use to put this issue into hands whether we have dealt with it or not. Racism has been around for thousands of years and the classification is to may be not making other feel that they are weakened by this situation. The values that may have sparked this essay is that we should unite as a whole no matter what color of skin that we are or what level of society that we may be at. We are all human and need to start realizing it reguardless of color.

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