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Lawrence Assessment 2

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My own personal religious misconception anecdote. My thinking about Neopaganism changed after I conducted a research on the topic to discover that the stereotypes were misleading.

Before researching the religion Neopaganism my whole perspective was viewed differently then some more known about religions today that I have some idea about. In believing that it was a religion that was mostly made up of witch craft and evil. I also thought that it was a following for those who were not into the religious setting but were somewhat a black sheep or outcast from within their own religious beliefs in which they were forced upon to believe in.

It wasn’t until I started to look further into my pursuit of the real truth about the Neopaganism religion. There are several differences within the religion its self that makes it unique from the various others. It is mainly based upon the early eighteenth century beliefs of the Romans. Not until the High Middle Ages is when the religion its self started to make an endeavor within the communities and people themselves to be publicly known. There are many different fellowships that follow those of the Neopaganism religion within them. They have a syncretism melding of various religious practices. In the difference that have followed they many difference in which they believe in but the base of it is the same. Some of the bases are Witch craft traditions good and bad and also by which the Romans and Greeks practiced. Practice includes those such as the Gods and Goddesses as of the Romans did. Their practice is individual with no sacred place like the facilities that most other religions have.

My whole perspective changed during the days of consistent research to offer more insight for my personal knowledge. The information that was provided when researched was found very useful. They are still a known religion whether or not it may be agreed upon by others. Even though their exposure is still kept in a personal standard this makes them even more discreet from the others.

To my knowledge what was thought before hand was a falsification of my own prejudice. In finding out the information for me it was a total judgmental flaw that I look at in a whole different perspective as of now. Never judge a book by its cover for what you may find out in the end will make you feel idiotic.

In this specific assessment I wrote was a cause and effect essay on the Neopaganism. The reason that I wrote this essay is because of the fact that I did not know what Neopaganism was at the time. If figured in doing this essay that I would have accumulated the facts that this type of religion represents.

In this cause and effect essay I described my whole perspective that I had once viewed more differently than some of the more known religions of today and that in believing that this religion was only based upon witchcraft and pure evil.

In doing this essay I had to ask myself why did this happen and what happened because of it in order to identify the effects that I have drawn to believe that made me look at this type of religion differently. I had to develop my thesis statement and stated clearly whether I am discussing the causes, effects, or both. When I introduced the main idea, I used the terms cause or effect. I had to organize the supporting details and had to back up my thesis with relevant and sufficient details that were well organized. In organizing the details you could use Chronological. Details in which are arranged in the order in which the events occurred, Order of importance that are details that are arranged from least to most important or vice versa and last but not least Categorical details that are arranged by dividing the topic into parts or categories. I personally used details to make the essay efficient. I used appropriate transitions to blend in these details so that they would work smoothly into my cause and effect essay.

For this being one of my very few essays on cause and effect I believe that it worked out just fine and now I get the real picture on how it is suppose to be and it will be and FYI for myself for future references.


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