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Lawrence Assessment 3

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The story of my younger sister Dominique and her hearing loss disability and how our lives have altered because of it including her. Having hearing loss is not something that doesn’t make you have diseased ears but just that it makes you more diverse from others. What is hearing loss, signs of it in my younger sister Dominique, how she dealt with it through out her schooling.


The disability of hearing loss for some may be aware of it and other doesn’t know about it other than what they may have heard. A definition from CDC (Department of Health and Human Services) Hearing loss severity is based on how well a person can hear the frequencies or intensities most often associated with speech. The affects of hearing loss is more common among older people than among children. There are millions of people that have to deal with hearing loss around the world today. There are cures like that could be used depending on your level of hearing loss. Surgeries and hearing aides could be used as a tool to better accompany them in their lives.


My younger sister Dominique and her first signs of hearing loss. Her behavior started to change over time but especially when she was a young child. She was not able to focus on her tasks at home and at school. You could be right in front of her and she was unable to hear you. Other observations in her hearing loss that we noticed about her. She could read your lips when you were talking to her. Dominique started to learn sign language at a young age so in the future if her hearing totally went then she would know how to communicate besides reading lips.


While attending school her hearing loss became a hard situation for her to cope with. Dominique was ashamed of having a hearing loss. Nobody knew what she had to deal with on a constant basis and it was hard for her throughout her school years. She got help from the staff members and teachers for her to succeed but it still wasn’t helping, yes she was getting the support she needed but her self esteem was not that good. Terrified of what other may assume of her. In her teenage years while attending junior high and high school she was afraid of what people would say if she had to. Dominique would come home crying because she felt that she was not learning anything and why was she put on this earth with all these problems? Having the feeling as if she had any value towards her life and the expectation that she wanted for her self beside the support that she was getting from the outside including us her family.


In knowing that her hearing loss was going to be a set back she was willing to work as hard in achieving no matter what the circumstances were. Hearing loss is something that doesn’t make you have diseased ears but is somewhat of a diverse culture that set you from everyone else. My younger sister Dominique and her hearing has affected her life in a tremendous way and the obstacles that she has been dealing with emotionally and physically from the beginning and now. Not matter what you may be dealing with in your life you must make the initiative to better yourself for no one else will.

In this specific assessment I wrote a definition essay on a hearing loss disability. The reason that I wrote this essay was because my younger sister Dominique has a hearing loss and I figured that it would be more of a personal essay then a research essay.

In writing my definition essay on the hearing loss disability I had to create a definition about what was to analyze the definition in which it made it stand out from all the other disabilities. In using facts that were very understandable and by giving examples so that I could explain the definition in full. I had to ask myself which examples would make the reader best understand the term? I could not use any examples that did not us support the definition and that would mostly appeal to my readers so that they would get a better understanding.

This essay was very important to me because it was something that was taken with very good consideration because it had to deal within my younger sister and the effects that it had arose because of it.

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