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Same Sex Marriage


Have you ever wondered about the whole Same Sex Marriage issue and the debates that currently surround it? Or how homosexuals feel when the world has something to say when they can’t marry one another for a variety of reasons. So the question is, should Same Sex Marriage be legalized throughout the whole United States? This argument has been an issue for many years and will continue to be for years to come. Some people believe that same sex marriage should be permitted for homosexuals because it is an turn of phrase of our human rights and others believe that it is not projected for a man and man or women and women to marry on another. So whose side are you on? The side that is all for Same Sex Marriage or the side that truly opposes it?

It is my belief that Same Sex Marriage should be legalized for the homosexual gender is the whole intention of this paper. Homosexuality is a controversy in its own accord in any case, so why not go to the full degree of showing that you are ready to commit to you partner and get it legalized just as heterosexual couples can. It’s not hurting heterosexual couples to get married but when homosexuals want to marry it becomes a colossal controversy that is broadened nationwide. Homosexuals that are able to live a healthy normal life will most definitely set the grounds of what marriage is suppose to be like.

First it is an idiom for someone to be unconstrained of their human rights and even though homosexuals may differ in many ways, they are still humans no matter what the life style they may prefer. Secondly, marriage should not be about the sexual orientation of couples but the institution of what marriage is all about just as heterosexual couples abide by. Who says that you can’t shatter the rules at this moment and fight for what you may feel that is in the best interest for yourself and others. Same sex marriages should have the same settlement that is equally dispersed to heterosexual married couples. We are all equal no matter what sexual orientation we may desire.

The first reason that same sex marriage should be allowed is because we as humans have rights no matter what sexual orientation we may obtain. Allowing same sex couples to marry would be in no infringement of any human rights at all. Marriage is supposed to be set on the basis of commitment to one another regardless of their sexual orientation to the same gender if they choose to do so.

For homosexuals to marry one another is not human. Marriage is supposed to be founded on the principals of man and woman, not man and man. Those of the same sex cannot reproduce and their parenting skills would not be as commendable as heterosexual couples. Their rights are not in violation to entrust to one another but the credentials to marry one another will not be offered to them.

Second same sex marriage should have the same benefits as heterosexual couples. Making same sex marriage obtainable will have most definitely the same institution and ideals that married heterosexuals enjoy at this time. Same sex marriage couples would enhance the value of life. The encouragement of same sex couples would make more life long commitments get married and get out of the single life picture. Same sex couples would carry on financially just as heterosexual couples would in their everyday lives. There should be no favoritism involved, just the request to have equal rights to marry.

Same sex marriage in a category destroys marriage itself. Same sex marriage may lead to promiscuity, group marriages, polygamy and incest. Homosexuals are not capable of committing to a monogamous relationship. They may live together forever and be a couple but once they are tempted, they may deceive one another. Same sex couples may take advantage of the circumstances if same sex marriage would be granted to them. What could same sex marriage possibly do that it failed to do for heterosexuals?

My last argument is that same sex marriage should be permitted no matter what grounds that it may present to the world. It would domesticate men and women to be less promiscuous with others. There is a general concept of decency and fidelity to their loved ones just as there is for heterosexual couples presently. Due to the past of how the foundation of marriage is presumed to be between a man and women, is outdated and people need to face the fact that we are living in the twenty-first century and not everyone is still believing in that out of date foundation. They need to think outside of the box and seek new options for others and for themselves. They may make their lives better for themselves and stop judgments about what others have to say about it.

In believing that Same Sex Marriage should be entitled to homosexual couples will be a fight for their rights to marry one another now and in the future too. There should not be a principal that marriage should only be between a man and women. I personally think that if those of the same sex could physically, emotionally and financially survive, then they should be able to be married like heterosexual couples can. I believe that heterosexual couple will assume that homosexuals will show them the true significance of marriage and how it is anticipated to be.

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