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Welcome to Lawrences Writing Portfolio Wiki!

Assessment #6

In coming into English 101 I had no idea that it was going to be this difficult for me. Not because of the work that had to be done but just that the load that I had to carry. Throughout the semester I watched as the class gradually got smaller and smaller and there were a lot of my peers that were already stressing into their third essay or so. I now what I had to do and my determination to do it was what kept me going.

In writing several essays that were due I came to really find out what the true meaning of it was and what it was meant for. It was for our own personal knowledge for the future.

I know now that of an analysis on something that you have read. In having to analyze something you will give the structure of what the topic is about. The style in which the authors language plays a huge role in this type of essay. Content in which you the reader is agreeing or disagreeing with what the author is trying to apply.

In a cause and effect essay you have to you have to identify the effects that you have drawn to your self or others about a topic in which you thesis statement is made up of. You have to transition details into your work so that it would smoothly fit into your cause and effect essay.

In a definition essay you are defining a topic in which you had to analyze the definition and why it stood out from all of the others. In using the facts that I made understandable and by using examples I could explain my essays definition to the fullest and to attract my readers.

In an argumentative essay you have to first define the issue that you have on the topic of your choice and state whether you are for it or against it. Then you have to have arguments that support you main purpose of the essay to get your point across to the opposing side if you are for it.

A compare contrast essay you are having to show how two subjects are similar and in contrast show how they differ. You had to show two major patterns of organization and use appropriate transitions so that the reader will not get confuse on what you are suppose to be stating.

The following were essays and my definitions as closely as possible to their real one. I believe that these essays were important and that they will help you in the future to be better prepared for other english classes. I think that by taking this class I have become a better writer not all the way but practice makes perfect. I will continue to write in the near future because it is one of my favorite subjects.

I thank Professor Cooper for putting up with this class even though were not all that great and I was once again privileged to have her as my English 101 instructor. Your teaching is wonderful and I have learned so much more this semester. Thank you!



About Me

I am 24 years old and this is my second semester at South Mountain Community College! I was afraid at first but you have to do what you have to do to succeed in life. I am going to do the best that I could do to achieve my goals.

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