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LawrenceEssay 2

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In the job force of today Women’s abilities to Men’s abilities vary. Most people don’t realize the inequalities in the ability for men or women, but once they discover how funny it really is. There are inequities that in the mentality dissimilarity, education outlook, limitations of jobs available for both men and women.

The first thing that needs to be well thought-out as an unequal is the mentality dissimilarity of men and women. First off, for men their state of mind is more macho. Men don’t worry about their assertiveness for demands and if it will affect their relationships with their co-workers. They strive to succeed at whatever and are willing to do so, no matter what the risks are. On the other hand, women let their emotions get in the way of many things. Women tend to take things to a delicate level when in risk of failing, but also get immense satisfaction from positive feed back.

Now if the mentality dissimilarity issues don’t get to you, then try education. For women when it comes to the importance of education they strive to achieve more adequately. Women have a tendency to take education to a higher level of learning then men. Women are willing to put in more hours to accumulate more. Men on the other hand tend to think as education as a have to then wanting to. A man, so what is expected of them? They don’t try to do more then they are told to. Men tend to see education as a way to fulfill their wants of getting women.

There are also discrepancies between Men and Women and their limitations of employment. Men have far more options then Women in industrialized employment areas. They do exceedingly well in these types of employment areas. They work from more of hands on approach rather then from text books. When it comes to Women’s options, it’s a set back in this type of employment area. Women tend to have the not liking of getting their hands dirty. Would rather not deal with the hard labor of work that they may come across in this field.

Most of these inequities come from the dissimilarity in abilities for women and men in regards to employment. Men have fewer demands on them to what is anticipated of them and where they should apply in certain employment fields to get ahead. Industrialized settings are more a characteristic of men. Men working in non industrialized fields they will not excel at just because of the atmosphere setting and their abilities. Women however have more expectation on them in certain employment fields. There a few women that are employed in industrialized setting then men. Women tend to excel in certain non industrialized setting due to their favoritism in the areas of employment that they may yearn for.

It’s amusing how to a point on the inequalities that Men and Women face in employment world today? There are inequities that in the mentality dissimilarity, education outlook, limitations of jobs. It may seem as though the job employment today between men and women is the dissimilarity in the abilities and partiality of service.




gloria perez Lawrence, the way you present your comparisons between the genders is what I enjoyed most of your essay. I like the way you clearly identify what the main difference is between the situation being compared. Your grammar and coherence is great. Word choice was met at a good scale also, you went beyond using basic words and put in a few rarely used ones. I would like to suggest to narrow down your topic and introduce it in your thesis statement next time. With such great word choice, I bet you can find a creative way to begin your essay so you can catch your readers' attention! Good job in restating your point across at the end of the essay. My grade: B+



I agree with Gloria, the way you presented your paper of comparing and contrast between males and femeles was great.

You made some intresting points of how women take their education more seriously than men and that men are just more capable of geting and industrial job than a women. I made a few grammer corrections and took a sentence out that did not make sence, but other than that your paper was good.


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