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Welcome to Michael's Writing Portfolio Wiki!


This is a wiki for my ENG101: Freshman Composition course. I will be using this site to do peer editing and to share my writing with the class.


Assessment #6: Personal Reflection

When first starting out in English 101 I thought I would be able to pass the class with ease. However, as the class went on and we were given different essay’s to write. I found out that I still had much to learn about writing. Through out the semester we had to write several different essays. By writing several essays I found out that I was making a few mistakes in them. English 101 has taught me to fix these errors, that at the beginning of the class I did not know I was making. Some errors that I found I was making in my essay were coma errors, unity errors, and grammar errors.


I learned how to fix these errors that I was making through peer review and through Professor Cooper. Peer review helped me locate errors in my essay that I was not seeing myself. Peer review helped me make my essays better and gave me things to look for in my following essays I have to write. Professor Cooper gave me examples also on how to make my essays better and pointed out the errors I was making. I also learned how to develop my essay in several different ways and orders. This has helped me make my essays better and more interesting to read.


Before taking English 101 I was thinking that my writing was great and I did not need to take this class. However, I found out that I was indeed need of taking English 101. For all of the mistakes and errors I found out I was making in my essays. I did not know how many mistakes I was making in my writing, but English 101 has helped me to find and fix my errors. After taking this class I am glad I did because it has helped me in making my essays better and making me a stronger writer. What helped me out the most were the peer reviews from my classmates and the advice that I got from Professor Cooper. With the peer reviews and the advice I got from Professor Cooper made it easier for me to write essays that are much better than the essays I wrote before taking English 101.

About Me

I am 20 years old and this is my second semester in college! I graduated from a small school called Joseph City High School. I like to play basketball and just hang out with friends and family.

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My Assessments


My Essays



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