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Welcome to Ronnie Miller's Writing Portfolio Wiki!


Assesment #6 Personal Reflection

After completing this i have come to discover that i actually have quite a few positive strenghths in my writing and i also have a probably just as many weaknesses. But that is not really all that bad i feel that if you can identify your weaknesses than you can begin to correct your mistakes.i aslo feel that i can now begin to identify my own mistakes. I have grown a lot as a writer over this semster and feel that with a lot of practice and quite a bit more time in the writting lab that i might not turn out to be that bad of a writer myself. All it takes is a little effort.

About Me

I am 21 years old and going to school to get my A.A. I am from Spokane Washington, and now live in Tempe. I am trying to finish my two year degree so that i can move on to a four year college where i hope to finsh my schooling


My Assesments.


RonnieM Assessment 1- Essay #1Rhetorical Analysis

RonnieM Assessment 2 - Essay #2 Cause & Effect

RonnieM Assessment 3 - Essay #3Definition

RonnieM Assessment 4 - Essay #5 Argumentative Research Paper

RonnieM Assessment 5 - Essay #2 Rewrite/Peer Reviews


My Essays



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