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RonnieM Assessment 2

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Ronnie Miller

Reverse Racism

In the world we live in today everybody is very concerned with making everything equal, and they should. In the era we live no one sex is better than the other and no one race is supreme to the other. That is why I feel that if you are going to divvy up equality to everybody than everybody better ready for everything that comes along with equality.

As men and woman fight for equality in the work place, home or, recreation, they often make their points to show that no matter what the task at hand, either sex can complete this task just as efficiently as the other. But I feel that society has tried to make up for holding woman back in the past, and in doing so has actually started to discriminate against a increasingly larger number of men.

For instance, when applying to college these days the have certain rating system that awards points for different qualifications of the student applying. Some of it comes from your S.A.T.’s, some of it from you high school G.P.A, and then some of it on your gender/race. In the instance females are actually awarded more points than boys, simply because they are females. Now correct me if I am wrong, but if we are striving to have equality for all why is this the case? Now I understand that females should deserve the same chance but I don’t think they should get an advantage for being female, just as I don’t think men should have one either.

Another instance were reverse racism is coming into play is in the athletic field. Woman all over the world are in an uproar about being able to play sports with guys. In my own high school we had girls go to the school board just so that they could play football with the guys. We also had a young lady feel that she should be able to play baseball on our high school team. Now as hard as it was to accept this I did. Simply because I do feel that everybody should have a chance regardless of gender. But to my surprise when a couple of pretty good male athletes at my school tried to join the girls volleyball team because they loved the game of volley ball, they were denied immediately without a chance to appeal. The school board felt that it was unfair to have male athletes playing volleyball with high school girls. Now why would it be fair to offer girls who felt they should be allowed to play with the boys a chance to prove themselves, and show that females are equal, yet the male athletes were denied immediately?

One more example of this that ties in with the sporting theme, was that of title nine. The college sports ruling that would remove some of the male sports from college to make way for woman sports. Now once again I am on the side if the woman in the fact that they should have every opportunity to play college sports as males, But at the same time I do not feel that they should be allowed to actually take some of the male sports out of the college leagues.

All in all the idea of equality for all is right on. Every living unity should have the same opportunities for success and may the most qualified person get it. But I don’t feel that in order to give one gender a chance we should hinder the other gender to make room.



Assesment #2, for this particular assesment i chose my cause and effect essay. I really felt srongly that this peice showed unity and and focuse on one particular subject. For example in this essay i decided to talk about gender descrimination in in sports the whole paper maintaned the theme of gender descrimination throught the essay. In order to write a good cause and effect essay you have to state what the problem or topic is and explain what the effects are. I fell i did just that by using examples to back up what i felt the problem was.

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