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RonnieM Assessment 3

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The word Islam itself derrives from the meaning (accepatance) of god or (to Gods Guidence).It is a religion that belongs to the Abrahamic Tradition and today has a following of about 1.4 billion, wich accounts for about %23 of the worlds population. Also included in the Abrahamic tradition are Judaism and Christianity.



Starting out the first MUSLIMS were Arabs. But then quickly the community began to spread rapidly and has now included groups like persians, who are actually Iranians.Today though the majority of MUSLIMS are not Arabs. The largest population of MUSLIMS is located in Indonesia, where there are about 210 million.



The Holy Book of Islam is the KORAN (Qur`an). Wich is a book made up of the revelations that Muhammad recieved. Muhammafd is the profit of Islam. A profit is beleived to be a messanger of God. Islam embodies the beliefs of a GOD as well as His Books, His Angels,His Profits,and who ever else comes from GOD.ALLAH is the Arabic word For GOD.-- --



Assesment #3

This peice was written to help explain a religion other than our own. I felt that it really helps to open our eyes in more ways than just englisk when you are challanged to write a peice that makes you actually dicover a relatively foreign subject. I also enjoyed writting a peice where i was able to maintane a consistent tone. I felt that this allowed me to use proper structure to show how a certain religion was created and operates today.

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