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RonnieM Assessment 4

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Ronnie Miller


Veganism is a philosophy and a way of life. It is a vow or an effort to eliminate all forms of food, clothing and shelter that derive from animals. Whether it is tested on them or made from them, vegans believe that you should not eat animals or by products from them nor should you use the by products that have been created or tested on animals. Although there are various types of vegans, for instance if you still use the products that are made from animals like leather or bone or even snake skin but you wont eat animals or their by product than you are considered a dietary vegan.

Dietary Vegans are not opposed to having a leather couch or even wearing a pair of snake skin boots, but rather they will not enjoy any type of food that is prepared from an animal. Their in lies the argument. If a dietary vegan is so opposed to eating any type of animal product then how can they justify using a product made of an animal? Many Dietary vegans claim that the reason they don’t eat animals is simply for nutritional purposes. They claim that many animals are high in fat content or are bred now with to many hormones that they themselves do not want to ingest. Also they feel that animals that are bred for consumption lead the worst lives of all, mostly confined in tiny cages or over crowded stables were they are then lead to a machine that cuts their throat or automatically puts a bullet in their head. They feel that animal cruelty is not worth the satisfaction of an animal feast.

Another argument for veganism is that of sexual and feminist motives. In the 19th century Sylvester Graham the creator of the Graham Cracker started a movement that claimed that eating animals or any product from them such as meat and cheese caused lustful urges that were mainly intensified by animal food. Some woman even believed that their were symbolic ties to meat. Like they were treated just like the meat their husbands or boyfriends were consuming so they boycotted it altogether.

What ever the reason for not eating animals or products that may derive from them there are many arguments that support the consumption of animal. For instance meat is the main staple for over 95% of all Americans in the U.S. Meats has very many health benefits and is easily produced. And products produced from many animals are a huge part of mainstream America. Take leather for instances, I guarantee that almost everybody alive in the America has owned a pair of leather shoes or at least a pair of shoes that has had a leather component. Whether we realize it or not or even like it or not or society is largely based upon livestock for many different things not just Consumption.



Assesment #4

an argumentative paper is written for a couple of reasons. The biggest one is to stress a point the argumentation. the writer should take a stance and began to argue his or her point through examples feelings and using the arguments of thoses from the opposing side. In this essay i utalized this process and argued my point by using both sides feelings to best support my very own feelings. The whole time though i was making sure that my argument was backed up by facts and valued data.

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