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RonnieM Assessment 5

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Autism is a very seriouse disabilitie that is located in the brain.it is actually a disorder that alters the function of the brain. It is usually found in a child before the age of three. It mostly affects a childs social interaction, communications, and behavior.Autism is one of those disabilitie tht affects everyone differently. Some adults that live with this disability actually manage to function very well, even earning college degree's and or performing daily tasks with ease. Others have a hard time doing anything.

The most interesting fact about autism, that was exposed in the movie rain man, is that many of the people who have autism are not able to do a varitey of of even raher mundane tasks very well, most of them will excell in one thing. And will almost become completely obsessed with what ever it is that they like. And in some cases they can become the best at what they obsess over, such as piano, or math, or even memory. Some in some ways they are very disabled to perform everyday tasks they are just a capable to excell in one area as anybody else.--



Assesment #5

After completing this essay i was surprised to find out that we had to subject it to our own peers. When i heard that we would have to peer edit one anothers i was at first a little frightened. Then once i got mine back i understood what my peers were saying and took it into consideration --All it took was another persons look at my paper to point a few and really not that many msitakes, and then make a few simple changes and boom it was that much better.i did start out with e few spelling and grammar mistakes but they were easily fixible.

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